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We help our customers maintain a high level of lock-and-door security in NY, USA. Contact us for assistance across the Greater NYC Area. Customers in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island appreciate our 24/7 Door repair availability.

Locksmith Huntington Star Locksmith also offers high quality door repair services, as well as locksmith services. Customers seeking this assistance sometimes search online for a skilled NYC repairer “near me.” We assist local property owners across NYC. Our service area encompasses the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island. We offer fast, dependable service to address unexpected emergencies involving interior and exterior entryways and door frames.

Obtain Door Repair Services From Skilled Locksmiths

In NY, a jammed or broken door or door frame imposes significant hardships upon property owners. Most people feel uncomfortable leaving homes or businesses unsecured for extended periods of time. New York crime rates have improved significantly since the 1980s. Yet it still remains prudent to keep commercial buildings and homes well secured. In this busy urban center, residents and businesses require both dependable locks and strong doors. Our firm assists customers by providing both residential and commercial door repair services.

Our Services

We offer vital installation and maintenance skills. Request any of these services to maintain secure entryways in the New York, NY Area:

  • Residential And Commercial Door Repair, Installation, or Replacement;
  • Preventative Maintenance;
  • Interior Entryway Security Hardware;
  • Exterior Entryway Security Hardware;
  • Storefront Entrance Maintenance And Repairs;
  • Comprehensive Frame Repairs For Entryways;
  • Office Lockout Solutions.

The Special Concerns of Store Owners

Finding a capable firm to install sturdy frames for doors constitutes a high priority for astute business owners. Commercial door repair services reflect on your business. Whether you maintain an office in Manhattan or a storefront in The Bronx, the condition of the frames and the hardware (including the locks and the hinges) securing your business premises matter enormously. This issue proves especially vital in the case of firms that maintain front store entryways accessed by the public. Our firm offers comprehensive, experienced assistance.

Excellent Commercial Door Repair Services

We furnish a variety of essential commercial door repair services. Our technicians travel across NYC to perform work at the customer’s location. The skills we offer assist commercial property owners. We also offer services of interest to store and office property management firms administering portfolios of business real estate. Some of our most in-demand services include:

  • Installing and replacing commercial front entry portals;
  • Frame repair services;
  • Replacing broken or unsightly gates;
  • Installing hardware and locks;
  • Correcting damaged front entryway automated technologies (such as motion activated entryway opening and closing systems)

We provide a great choice for customers desiring rapid store or office entryway installations and repairs! Cracked or broken glass sliding panels that impose safety risks upon the public present a particular concern for many store owners and managers. Our company offers fast 24/7 emergency services to assist businesses seeking commercial door repair services.

Correcting Damaged Front Entryways For Homeowners, Too

Our company also serves homeowners in the Greater New York Area. We offer a full complement of services to ensure interior and exterior entrances and doorways remain in a safe, secure condition. Our skilled technicians offer swift customer service.

We Install Lock-And-Door Hardware For Customers

Have you searched for a capable installer to fix a broken deadbolt lock in NYC? Or do you need assistance upgrading the security of an interior entryway access control system installed by a repairman years ago in Manhattan? Or perhaps you’d like a skilled technician to undertake commercial door repair services in the lobby of a towering NY office building?

We offer all these different types of important services, and many others. Whether a customers seeks to improve the appearance of a front entrance or to add a new exterior security screen to help protect a glass storefront, we offer fast, dependable assistance. We install (and repair) a wide array of frame hardware, too (including hinges and sliding glass panels).

Has Your Locksmith Replaced Outdated Lock-And-Door Hardware Yet?

In Manhattan and other communities within the Greater NYC Area, customers sometimes ask locksmiths to examine previously installed entryway hardware for possible security vulnerabilities. It often proves important to replace outdated components with new, high-security products.

For instance, a badly worn front entrance peep hole or a rusty deadbolt installed years ago may not function optimally today. Would you like vintage lock-and-door components replaced? Ask our skilled installers to install new, state-of-the-art products. We gladly assist customers by replacing aging frames with new, upgraded components to help fix possible security vulnerabilities.

Obtain a Free Estimate

Before we begin work to repair an insecure interior or exterior entryway or provide lock, hinge, doorknob, or other door hardware installations, we inform customers about our rates. We offer competitively priced services in NYC and outlying areas. Ask our repairman to provide a free estimate before performing any installations or undertaking any repairs. When customers seek the highest quality service “near me” in NY at affordable, clear prices, we hope our company comes to mind!

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We help our customers maintain a high level of lock-and-door security in NY, USA. Contact us for assistance across the Greater NYC Area. Customers in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island appreciate our 24/7 availability.

Call 516 415 0404 to request “Same Day Repair services near me.” We look forward to helping keep all your home and storefront entryways in a secure condition. Request Service Today!

Top Rated Long Island Door Repair Service. Free Estimates Call Now 516 415 0404

Your doors are very important as the entryways to your home, building, or office. However, they are susceptible to damage and cracks that can greatly shorten their lifespan. Let’s take a look at residential & commercial door repair Long Island that can keep your door in its best shape.

Fixing the lock
A door without a strong lock is nearly useless. Anyone can open the door, and it might as well not exist. When your lock breaks, make sure to call 516 415 0404 immediately. We can touch up the lock and make it as good as new. One of our great offers is same day service to all clients. If you call now to request service, we will send a crew to your residence as soon as possible. Because the safety of your property is a high priority, a faulty lock needs to be addressed right away. We offer a 24-hour service that can come to your aid at any time of the day. When you’re facing a lock crisis, think about all the services near me. Who should I call? Who is near me in the first place? The answer is clear, as we offer high-security door locks at a moment’s notice. It all comes down to access control, making sure that no foreign entity can enter your property. From the front of your structure to the back, every entrance needs to be secured. A keypad door lock is one piece of technology that we are fond of. Smart locks are also very efficient ways of getting the job done.

Repairing the structure
A reliable lock is only half the battle. If the door is breaking down on its own, you have another problem on your hands. For doors that have seen better days, once again, Call 516 415 0404 as soon as possible. We’ll get it repaired and ready to protect your property against intruders and rain. In Long Island, NY, there are many locksmiths that are fit for the job. However, you won’t find another company with customer service that matches ours. Our team of professionals is ready to tackle any job no matter how big or small. Long Island Locksmith has your back in any season. Perhaps it’s late at night in the dead of winter and you’re running into issues. We’ll be there right away. After a couple of visits, we will even get a good feel for your house and your exact needs. This sort of partnership is what we take a lot of pride in. We truly care for our customers and will work as hard as possible to make sure everyone is satisfied. If there is any doubt, our staff is happy to clear up the air so that there is no confusion. The bottom line is, we want to provide convenient locking to everyone in NY. You deserve a strong doorframe and repair on demand.

Security for your home
Ultimately, the purpose of door repair is to keep your house safe. Think about your surroundings and what other buildings are near me. There’s a good chance that a broken item can cause many issues down the road. A unstable frame is simply a bad foundation for the rest of your property. It won’t hold its own weight, which means your roof and attic are at risk of collapse. We can fix that item in a matter of hours. We’ve seen our fair share of unstable doors, and it’s nothing to be proud about. You can trust that we use the finest materials to care for each house that we visit. Our technicians really don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to locking up the valuables in your house. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to call our hotline for an answer. Customer satisfaction is a priority. Lock repair is no easy task, and doing it on your own isn’t advised at all. It could be dangerous if you aren’t experienced with the job, and it might take days on end in the worst case scenario. Professional repair is a much better option. Our repair teams can handle everything from start to finish.

Preventative maintenance programs
These programs are other great ways to set up residential and commercial door repair. We provide programs to the entirety of Long Island, NY, no matter if it’s an apartment or house. The whole idea behind these programs is establishing access control to the door. You don’t want strangers to be able to pick the lock and enter your property at will. A Shabbat door lock is a great technique for this. These types of locks are extra secure compared to other types.

Other services
We provide a number of other types of assistance as well in Long Island, NY. 24-hour service is one of our specialties. It doesn’t matter whether you run into trouble in the morning, afternoon or at midnight. We can send a locksmith to your location and get everything resolved. Another thing that is often overlooked is how we can send a locksmith to a store. It doesn’t have to a place of residence; we know that locking up a store is equally if not more important. Finally, we can also deadbolt change & install as needed. Deadbolts are becoming increasingly popular as ways to secure a door once and for all. While a Sabbath door lock is decently strong, it really doesn’t match deadbolt change & install. Lock repair and lock change is something we specialize in. There’s no other company out there that can match our experience with this installation. We’re leaders in access control and the best ways to separate your house from the outside world.

Types of locks
As mentioned, a Shabbat door lock is one of your best bets for securing your house. This lock won’t budge no matter how hard someone pulls on it, yet can be opened with a simple flick. High-security door locks function in a similar manner. If the lock is broken, an alert will be sent to the homeowner via a mobile device. These notifications are invaluable when trying to capture an intruder. A keypad door lock is also one of the hottest locks on the market. You won’t have to fumble with a key that you could misplace in your vehicle. Open up the keypad door lock with the keypad and enter your house in style. Finally, smart locks are some of the newest technology out there in 2020. These smart locks adjust to the shape of the building and make things extremely easy when you’re in a hurry. Contrary to popular belief, commercial door repair isn’t all that different than traditional repair. It still relies on deadbolt change & installation, which is a standard procedure for pretty much any building. When it comes to repair, you need to consider all the companies near me. How much do they charge? How reliable is the business? Our lock change is second to none in the business. We provide inexpensive support that still meet a very high standard of quality. Give us a call at the first sign that anything is wrong.

In conclusion, if you are living in Long Island, NY and need a locksmith, turn to our specialized technicians who can handle the issue without a hitch. High-security door locks are not easy to come by. We install them on both the exterior and interior of the door for extra security. We can even lock up a restaurant overnight. It’s well known that lock repair and lock change are not easy tasks to complete on your own. Smart locks can make the process easier, but installation is still trickier than it may seem.