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Each lock is unique and our team at Locksmith Huntington Star Locksmith has years of valuable expertise in lock installation services. With state-of-the-art equipment, professional-grade techniques and a passion for installations, we understand what it takes to do a wonderful job. This team is equipped to handle all of your lock installation requirements and will get started right away.


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For the best lock installation, Long Island has to offer, it’s important to go with a service that’s able to use high-quality locks. All of the locks installed by our company are vetted, professional-grade, and will work well with your setup. To make sure this is the case, we have certified specialists go through each and every detail along the way.

This ensures the lock is able to work well as soon as it is put into place.

We work around the clock to guarantee superior results and this starts with the quality of our locks. We leave no stone unturned to promise exceptional value and the locks are a big part of why we’re the best in town!


The results are an integral part of our service and we implement rigorous quality control standards to ensure that’s the case. When a client calls our team in, we meticulously assess each variable and come up with a high-end solution based on what’s required from us. This is our way of promising excellent value both in terms of the lock and how it is installed.


Want the finest lock installation Long Island has to offer?

It’s important to not only go with a team that’s experienced but also one committed to timeliness. Our locksmiths have years of lock-related expertise and are rigorously trained to handle short deadlines.

This is our way of putting your needs first and making sure everything goes as planned. No one has to worry about how the lock is going to be installed and whether or not it will function as it is supposed to.


To deliver a well-rounded lock installation, we also promise competitive rates to all of our clients.

This is our way of delivering a comprehensive solution while maintaining fair pricing. In our eyes, there is nothing more important than keeping the client satisfied and it starts with our remarkable rates. All lock installations are done in an affordable manner without taking away from the lock’s quality. At our competitive rates, we still offer in-depth assessment, ongoing testing, and professional-grade locks.

This is what makes us the best on Long Island and why we are respected for our industry-leading lock installation services.

To get started on a top-class lock installation, please call Locksmith Huntington Star Locksmith at 516 415 0404 and have a premier locksmith help out. We will ensure the lock is ready to go as soon as you want it to be!